It was fashioned with thin, ridged dough, and you can a stuffing from nuts, cinnamon, and powder cloves

It was fashioned with thin, ridged dough, and you can a stuffing from nuts, cinnamon, and powder cloves

A parade comprising tomorrow groom’s friends, of each other sexes, create walking to the coming bride’s house, where she and her family unit members perform wait for them

Here are examples of lullabies sung of the Armenian parents regarding Amasya (see the English translations in the correct line):

The fresh betrothal ceremony could well be stored toward a tuesday. The parade could feel holding the aforementioned dish out-of sweets and you will accessories, for instance the ring. Upon the fresh guests’ coming, this tray will be placed in the middle of the brand new residence’s guestroom, precisely in the middle of a dining table wrapped in a hands-attached tablecloth. The future fiance create next come, alongside a recently married, female cousin regarding hers. Brand new godmother perform meet with the fiance on desk, pick-up the fresh new band regarding holder, and you may slip it on her behalf little finger. She would as well as hang the treasures from the bride’s shoulder. In her change, the long run bride would kiss the latest guests’ hand, beginning with her coming mother-in-rules, new godmother, and therefore the anyone else. She’d getting showered to the guests’ really-wants and you can felicitations. Whilst, younger girls do serve as well as beverages toward site visitors.

The real marriages create begin on the Monday, in the groom’s home. The initial knowledge was called ergenler. One of the bachelors greet on relationships could be chosen because ergen bash, and then he create suppose this new character of your tamada (toastmaster). However be responsible for managing the newest parties. New bridegroom create link a great keshan peshdimbal (Kesan pestemali) within the ergen bash’s hips. This is a cotton buckle, built in Keshan. In his turn, this new ergen bash carry out get a hold of a group of younger guys while the his designated assistants and you will carry out tie in your area generated aprons doing their waists.

Till the earliest quarter of your own 19 th century, this new clothing out-of an enthusiastic Armenian groom regarding Amasya contained an effective tasseled fez, a good meles (silk) shirt, a yelek (sleeveless vest), and you will a great starched collar. Along side yelek, grooms dons this new mintan or mitan, a jacket made from bluish wool. Grooms would don bluish shalvars (loose pants), socks, and shoes which were titled labdjin galosh. Doing their necks, they would hang the saat keoset, a silver view with a sequence. It outfits advanced historically and slowly became westernized. In the course of time, the actual only real antique goods that has been remaining is brand new tasseled fez .

On your way in the bride’s the home of brand new chapel, new musicians and artists associated the parade perform play audio and play relationship music, similar to this one to (comprehend the English translations in the righ column):

Regarding the afternoon, it was time to enjoy a different cheoreg titled cheoreg shougayi , a culinary delicacy book so you’re able to Amasya and you may an essential of regional relationship and you may baptism celebrations

This is how new hitched couple’s new lease of life would come from the latest groom’s household. The brand new custom when you look at the Amasya are for a couple generations to live under one roof. Sons lead the brides and you may raised their loved ones inside their parental family. As long as there was no area kept create a beneficial son present a separate house. There are times when a bridegroom moved for the bride’s adult household. For example a bridegroom is entitled a doun pesa [home bridegroom]. It was maybe not a greatest community, and often resulted in unlimited conflicts involving the grooms and their in-guidelines. Indeed, a greatest adage in Amasya went, “Doun pesa, shoun pesa” [“Domestic bridegroom, dog groom”] .

The brand new dgharouk ceremony would past up to noon. When this occurs, this new guys carry out exit, and only female, girls, and you can people perform are nevertheless. Different varieties of confectionaries could well be supported, additionally the adults create delight in certain spirits.

Individuals out-of Amasya got a special idiom which had be a district adage. In the event the a business failed, they will claim that it “had not emerge from water.” It idiom’s supply is another anecdote: eventually, half a dozen youngsters was to getting baptized to each other on Holy Virgin Church of your city’s Savayid neighborhood. In the event that priest plunged the original of one’s infants toward liquids, the second passed away immediately, killed by the tall temperature of your liquid. The brand new priest reacted by the stating, “This one didn’t emerge from water. Render myself a separate” .